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Top 9 Amazon Affiliate Plugins You Need for Your WordPress Site in 2023

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program and Its Benefits?

After dabbling in the Amazon affiliate program for a few months, I can attest that crafting and managing affiliate links can be quite the task.

After spending hours and hours, I finally decided to test some of these fancy WordPress plugins that claim to help manage my amazon affiliate links or even some tout automating the entire process.

We have compiled an array of WordPress plugins that exist to simplify this chore of managing your links, ultimately boosting your commissions. In this exclusive piece, I’ll divulge the top 8 Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress in 2023. I’m thrilled to share my personal experiences and insider knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

The Amazon affiliate program, or Amazon Associates, offers website owners and bloggers a golden opportunity to rake in commissions by endorsing Amazon products.

By crafting unique links to Amazon products, you, as an affiliate, can capitalize on any ensuing sales.

The perks of the Amazon affiliate program are bountiful. Firstly, Amazon is a venerated and dependable brand, which may result in stellar conversion rates and increased sales.

Moreover, the program presents a smorgasbord of products to promote, encompassing everything from books and gadgets to attire and domestic items.

With the right tactics and tools, you can amass a substantial income as an Amazon affiliate.

The Indispensable Role of WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates

WordPress plugins can be a lifesaver for creating and managing Amazon affiliate links. With a top-notch plugin, you can swiftly generate links for specific products or categories and even automatically insert affiliate links into your content.

This saves you valuable time and effort, enabling you to concentrate on crafting top-tier content that spurs clicks and conversions.

Criteria for Handpicking an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

When cherry-picking an Amazon affiliate plugin for your WordPress site, there are several crucial factors to mull over.

Here are five key criteria to bear in mind:

  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version: A crucial factor is whether the plugin is harmonious with the most recent WordPress version. Employing an antiquated plugin may trigger security issues and other hiccups, making it vital to opt for a plugin that is routinely updated and tested with the newest version of WordPress.
  • User-friendliness: Another pivotal aspect is the plugin’s ease of use. You’ll want a plugin with a lucid interface that lets you deftly create and manage affiliate links. Ideally, the plugin should be so intuitive that even novices in affiliate marketing can wield it effectively.
  • Integration with Amazon API: The finest Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress will flawlessly integrate with the Amazon API, allowing you to speedily generate affiliate links for any product in the Amazon marketplace. Seek out a plugin that lets you search for products by keyword, browse by category, and access real-time pricing and availability data. Amazon auto links supports localized links and the secret access key can yield valuable user data.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Prior to selecting an Amazon affiliate plugin, it’s vital to investigate and peruse reviews from fellow users. Aim for plugins with high ratings and positive reviews, and be mindful of any prevalent complaints or issues reported by other users. WP Table Builder can be employed to import products and create comparison tables.
  • Pricing: Lastly, ponder the plugin’s pricing. Some Amazon affiliate plugins are available at no cost, while others charge a one-time fee or a recurring subscription. Search for a plugin that aligns with your budget and furnishes the features and functionality you need to flourish as an Amazon affiliate.

Top 8 Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Top 10 Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Here are the top 9 Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress in 2023:


amazon affiliate plugins, AAWP


AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help Amazon affiliates create, manage, and optimize their affiliate links.

Our Experience

In my Amazon affiliate journey, AAWP has been a game-changer. It has streamlined the entire process, making it incredibly simple to manage links and enhance conversion rates.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

AAWP is a no-brainer for Amazon affiliates who use WordPress. Its advanced features and customization options make it a top choice for boosting your earnings.

Key Features:

  • Generates links and product boxes
  • Responsive design and custom templates
  • Automatic updates for product information
  • Geo-targeting for localized links


AAWP Pricing

AAWP is a premium plugin that offers several pricing plans, starting at €49 (approximately $58) for a single-site license all the way up to their Ultimate tier pricing out at €399 (but you will need to own 25 sites).

2. EasyAzon

amazon affiliate plugins EasyAzon


EasyAzon is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that simplifies the creation and management of Amazon affiliate links.

Our Experience:

I’ve found EasyAzon to be a fantastic time-saver. Its intuitive interface and diverse features have made managing my affiliate links a breeze.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts:

For Amazon affiliates seeking a straightforward, feature-rich plugin, EasyAzon is an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • Generate links for Amazon products from multiple marketplaces, including Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.co.uk

  • Localization for global traffic

  • Click tracking and cloaking
  • Integration with Amazon Product Advertising API


EasyAzon offers two pricing plans: Core ($47) and Pro ($67).

3. Amazon Product Advertising API

Amazon Product Advertising API


Amazon Product Advertising API is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides a range of features for Amazon affiliates.

This API enables developers to access Amazon’s vast product catalog and integrate product data into their websites or apps.

Our Experience

Leveraging the Amazon Product Advertising API has allowed me to create unique and customized shopping experiences for my audience.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

For tech-savvy affiliates who want to create a tailored shopping experience, the Amazon Product Advertising API is a powerful resource.

Key Features

  • Access to Amazon’s product catalog
  • Real-time pricing and availability
  • Product search and filtering
  • Customer reviews and ratings


Free to use, with rate limits based on your Amazon Associates performance.

4. Amazon Link Engine

amazon affiliate plugins Amazon Link Engine


Amazon Link Engine is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create smart links for Amazon products that are geo-targeted to your audience.

With this plugin, you can ensure that your visitors are always directed to the Amazon marketplace that is most relevant to their location, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Our Experience

Since implementing the Amazon Link Engine plugin, I’ve observed a significant uptick in international commissions.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

For affiliates targeting a global audience, Amazon Link Engine is a must-have tool.

Key Features

  • Automatic link localization
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Analytics and reporting
  • No API keys required


Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is free to use, with an optional Geniuslink subscription for advanced features starting at $5 per month.

5. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links


Amazon Auto Links is a WordPress plugin that automatically inserts Amazon affiliate links into your content based on your chosen categories or keywords.

Our Experience

Implementing Amazon Auto Links has helped me focus more on crafting top-notch content while effortlessly monetizing my site.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

If you’re seeking a hands-off approach to affiliate link management, Amazon Auto Links is a superb choice.

Key Features

  • Automatic link insertion
  • Customizable display templates
  • Supports localized links


Amazon Auto Links is free to use, with a Pro version available for $87 (one-time fee)

6. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates


WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates allows Amazon affiliates to seamlessly integrate Amazon products into their WooCommerce store, turning it into an affiliate powerhouse.

Our Experience

Having used WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, I’ve been able to create a compelling shopping experience for my visitors while raking in affiliate commissions.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

For those operating a WooCommerce store and looking to capitalize on Amazon’s affiliate program, this plugin is a must-have.

Key Features

  • Import Amazon products directly into your WooCommerce store

  • Synchronization for accurate product data
  • Geo-targeting for global commissions
  • Bulk product import and management


A regular license costs $49 (one-time fee)

7. Amazon eStore Affiliates

Amazon eStore Affiliates


Amazon eStore Affiliates is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an Amazon affiliate store on your website.

With this plugin, you can import Amazon products directly into your store and earn commissions on any resulting sales.

Our Experience

This tool has helped me build an enticing Amazon affiliate store, driving both traffic and sales with its visually appealing design and features.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

If you’re looking to set up an Amazon affiliate store that stands out, Amazon eStore Affiliates is the way to go.

Key Features

  • Storefront creation and customization
  • Product import and synchronization
  • Social sharing and SEO optimization
  • Analytics and performance tracking


A regular license costs $39 (one-time fee)

8. Amazon Polly



Amazon Polly is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add text-to-speech functionality to your content.

Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech service that can convert your written content into lifelike speech, enhancing your site’s accessibility and user experience.

Our Experience

By using Amazon Polly, I’ve transformed my written content into engaging audio, catering to a wider audience and improving on-site dwell time.

Our Recommendation/Thoughts

For affiliates who want to offer their audience an alternative way to consume content, Amazon Polly is a powerful and innovative solution. However there are a ton of emerging AI tools offering similar features. This is simply just one that we have tried. But there are a ton of new innovative tools with different voices we will probably try later (and maybe add to this list)

Key Features

  • Lifelike text-to-speech conversion
  • Supports multiple languages and voices
  • Customizable speech parameters
  • Integration with WordPress via the Amazon Polly plugin


Amazon Polly Pricing

Amazon Polly is a premium plugin that offers several pricing plans, starting at $4 per million characters.

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Uncovering the Ideal Amazon Affiliate Plugin for Your WordPress Site

How to Choose the Right Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Embarking on the quest to identify the ultimate Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin for your site requires thorough analysis and attention to detail.

As a seasoned Amazon affiliate, I can provide an insider’s perspective on this process. As mentioned before in my quest to elevate my Amazon affiliate game, I’ve tried and tested numerous tools.

Critical Factors to Keep in Mind

When evaluating plugins, consider these essential aspects:

  • Niche: Ensure the plugin caters to your industry or niche and offers relevant features.
  • Content-Type: Reflect on your content creation style and assess if the plugin aids in crafting more effective affiliate links and displays.
  • Affiliate Marketing Goals: Contemplate your overarching objectives and the plugin’s capacity to help achieve them.

Plugin Comparison: Top Contenders

One of the top Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins is EasyAzon, which supports Amazon’s Product Advertising API and offers features like comparison tables and product boxes, affiliate link name cloaking, pretty links, multiple products and locales, and both free and premium versions.

Another excellent plugin is Amazon Auto Links, which automatically inserts affiliate links and displays product details and reviews, supports multiple Amazon locales, and offers text and image links, among other features.

Amazon Associates Link Builder is also worth considering, as it integrates with Amazon Associates API and offers easy insertion of affiliate links, product comparison tables, and support for both text links and image links, all for free.

Tips for Optimizing Plugins

When evaluating these plugins, be sure to test the user interface and experiment with different display options, like product tables and comparison charts.

Tracking and reporting features can also be used to monitor clicks and conversions, so you can evaluate the effectiveness of the plugin over time.

Other important considerations include compatibility, ease of use, features, and cost.

Ensure the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress, and look for a user-friendly plugin that offers the features you need to monetize your content effectively.

Some plugins offer both a free version and premium versions, so consider the cost as well.


By carefully considering your needs and testing different options, you can find the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin for your WordPress site, whether you’re looking to display affiliate links, display product reviews, import affiliate links, or add affiliate links to your WordPress site.

With honesty, authenticity, and high-quality content, you can maximize your earnings and grow your audience through the effective use of these plugins.

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A Deeper Dive into Advanced Features

Some plugins boast advanced capabilities, including geo-targeting, custom link shortening, and dynamic product displays. These features can enhance your affiliate marketing strategy and elevate your earnings potential.


Some plugins offer the ability to create smart links that are geo-targeted to your audience, ensuring that visitors are directed to the most relevant Amazon marketplace based on their location.

This can help increase conversions and make your links more relevant to your audience.

Custom Link Shortening

Some plugins offer the ability to customize your affiliate links with your own custom domain name or subdomain, making them more recognizable and shareable with your audience.

This can help increase brand recognition and make your own image affiliate links seem more trustworthy to your visitors.

Dynamic Product Displays

Some plugins offer the ability to create dynamic product displays that are updated in real-time with up-to-date pricing and product information from the Amazon API.

This can help ensure that your visitors always see the most relevant and accurate product information and can increase the likelihood of conversions.

By using plugins with these advanced features, you can enhance your affiliate marketing strategy and increase your earnings potential.

Consider your overall goals and needs when selecting a plugin, and look for one that offers the features and functionality that can help you achieve your goals.

Effectively Promoting Products with Plugins

Honesty, authenticity, and high-quality content are the cornerstones of successful product promotion. Combine these elements with the perfect Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing earnings and growing your audience.

Here are some tips for effective product promotion:

Be Honest and Authentic

Your audience is more likely to trust and engage with you if you’re honest and authentic in your promotion of Amazon products. Avoid making exaggerated claims or promoting products you don’t genuinely believe in.

Choose the Right Products

Choose products that are relevant to your audience and are likely to appeal to them. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the product and its features before promoting it.

Create High-Quality Content

Create high-quality content that provides value to your audience. This could include product reviews, comparison tables, or how-to guides.

Test and Analyze

Use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your affiliate links and adjust your strategy accordingly. Test different full-text affiliate links, products, and promotion methods to see what works best for your audience.

As Amazon affiliate marketing continues to evolve, stay updated on the latest trends and developments. By leveraging innovative strategies and tools, you can consistently expand your Amazon affiliate business and achieve your objectives.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: What to Expect in the Coming Years?

Overview of the Top 8 Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress in 2023.

This article has identified the top 8 Amazon affiliate plugins available for WordPress in 2023. These tools offer a host of features and functionalities designed to help you create more effective affiliate links and displays that engage your viewers.

Amazon Associates Link Builder and Polly are two plugins that offer Amazon affiliates numerous advantages.

Final Thoughts

Amazon affiliate plugins can be an invaluable asset for increasing clicks, conversions and earnings on your WordPress site. By creating custom product displays, creating optimized affiliate links and tracking clicks/conversions, you can maximize the potential of Amazon’s affiliate link program and expand your business exponentially.

Future Developments and Trends in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Looking ahead, we can anticipate further advancements and trends in Amazon affiliate marketing. New plugins with even more sophisticated features are likely to appear, potentially creating increased competition for Amazon affiliate earnings.

By staying informed on these developments and exploring different strategies and tactics, you can continue to expand your Amazon affiliate business and reach your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that people ask about Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress:

Do I need to be an Amazon affiliate to use these plugins?

Yes, you need to be an Amazon affiliate to use these plugins. You can sign up for the Amazon Associates program for free and start earning commissions by using affiliate products and promoting Amazon products on your website.

Are these plugins easy to use?

Yes, most of these plugins are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners. However, some plugins may have a steeper learning curve than others, depending on the features and functionality they offer.

Are these plugins compatible with my WordPress version?

Most of these plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. However, it’s always a good idea to check the compatibility requirements before installing a new plugin.

Can I use these plugins with other affiliate programs?

Some plugins may allow you to use other affiliate programs in addition to the Amazon Associates program. However, it’s always a good idea to check the plugin documentation and requirements before using it with other affiliate programs.

How do I choose the right plugin for my needs?

To choose the right Amazon affiliate plugin for your needs, consider factors such as your niche, the type of content you create, and your overall affiliate marketing goals. Test and evaluate different plugins to find the best amazon affiliate wordpress plugin for your needs.

Will using these plugins guarantee me success as an Amazon affiliate?

Using these plugins is not a guarantee of success as an Amazon affiliate. While they can be powerful tools for increasing clicks, conversions, and earnings, your success will ultimately depend on a range of factors, including the quality of your content, the relevance of your affiliate links, and the needs and interests of your audience.

Can I use multiple Amazon affiliate plugins on my website?

Yes, you can use multiple Amazon affiliate plugins on your website as long as they don’t conflict with each other plugins or create performance issues for your website. However, it’s always a good idea to test and evaluate each plugin before using it on your website. Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates is another plugin that you can use to import products from Amazon and display Amazon affiliate links on your online store.

What are the benefits of using Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

By using Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins, you can easily place affiliate links in your content using the WordPress post editor. These plugins can also automatically insert affiliate links into your content and provide easy affiliate links management. Moreover, some plugins such as Auto Amazon Links supports localized links to provide a better user experience for your visitors.

Can I track my Amazon affiliate income using these plugins?

Yes, many Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins such as Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins come with built-in tracking features or support Google Analytics integration to provide valuable user data about your affiliate income and clicks on Amazon links from your website.

Are there any free Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins available?

Yes, there are free Amazon affiliate plugins available that you can use to manage your affiliate links and improve your earnings. Some popular free plugins include Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin and Other Amazon Affiliate Plugins that support link cloaking and displaying affiliate links on your WordPress website.

How can I prevent broken links on my Amazon affiliate website using free plugins?

There are many free plugins available for WordPress that can help you prevent broken links on your Amazon affiliate website.

One of the best options is the Broken Link Checker plugin, which checks your website for broken links and missing images and notifies you when it finds any issues.

Other options include the Link Checker plugin and the Broken Link Manager plugin. By regularly using one of these free plugins, you can ensure that all of your Amazon links are functioning properly and avoid lost commissions.

Can link cloaking improve my affiliate income on my WordPress website?

Yes, link cloaking can be an effective way to improve your affiliate income on your WordPress website.

Link cloaking is the process of disguising your affiliate links so that they appear more attractive and trustworthy to your visitors.

This can include using shorter, more memorable URLs or customizing the anchor text of the links.
By cloaking your links, you can increase click-through rates and conversions, which can ultimately lead to higher affiliate income.

There are many link cloaking plugins available for WordPress, including the Easy Affiliate Links plugin and the Pretty Links plugin.