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Top 12 Email Marketing WordPress Plugins for 2023: Which One is Right for Your Business?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the practice of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. Email marketing aims to build brand awareness, promote a product or service, or generate sales. Email marketing can target new and existing customers, and it’s a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Importance of Email Marketing in 2023

Email marketing has been around for a while but is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. In fact, in 2023, email marketing is expected to remain a top-performing strategy for businesses. Why? Because email marketing allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level and build a relationship with them over time. When done right, email marketing can drive sales, boost engagement, and help you grow your business.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Email Marketing

WordPress is a popular content management system that can be used to create and manage a website. It’s also an excellent platform for email marketing. By using a WordPress plugin, you can easily create and send email campaigns, track their performance, and manage your email list. WordPress is user-friendly and highly customizable, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses that want to run effective email marketing campaigns.

Purpose of the Article

This article aims to provide you with a list of the 12 best email marketing WordPress plugins for 2023. We’ll be reviewing each plugin in detail, highlighting their key features, pros and cons, and pricing. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand which email marketing plugin is right for your business and how to get the most out of it. So let’s dive in!

What to look for in choosing the best Email Marketing WordPress Plugin in 2023

When choosing an email marketing WordPress plugin, there are several factors you should consider. Here are the top criteria for selecting the best plugin for your business:


The plugin you choose should be easy to use, even if you have little to no experience with email marketing. The user interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, and the plugin should have clear documentation and tutorials to help you get started.

Email Marketing Features

The best email marketing WordPress plugins come with a range of features that can help you create and send effective email campaigns. Some of the essential features include email automation, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics tracking. Make sure the plugin you choose has all the features you need to create effective campaigns.

Integration with WordPress

The email marketing plugin you choose should integrate seamlessly with WordPress. It should be easy to install and use, and it should work well with other WordPress plugins and themes.

Customization Options

Customization is essential when it comes to email marketing. The plugin you choose should allow you to create custom templates, add your branding, and tailor your campaigns to your audience. Make sure the plugin you choose has enough customization options to meet your needs.


The cost of the plugin is also an important consideration. Some email marketing plugins are free, while others charge a fee. Some plugins have a monthly subscription fee, while others charge based on the number of subscribers or the number of emails sent. Make sure to choose a plugin that fits your budget and offers good value for money.

Top 12 Email Marketing WordPress Plugins for 2023

1. Icegram Email Subscribers & Newsletters


Icegram recognizes the potential risks that come with driving organic traffic to your WordPress site, such as high bounce rates and abandoned carts that can hinder your website’s success. However, with Icegram, you can significantly increase your email list signups compared to traditional signup forms on the sidebar or footer.

With a variety of 12 form types to choose from, including popups, floating bars, and full-screen overlays, you can customize your subscription forms and combine different types to maximize your email subscribers. But, using the best combination of subscription forms to optimize your success is crucial.

Icegram’s standout feature is its extensive selection of over 120 pre-designed campaigns, including lead magnets, special offers, and yes/no CTAs, among others. You can easily choose a campaign that aligns with your needs, allowing you to save time and effort.

Icegram offers a free version with basic features like popups, action bars, and basic retargeting rules. If you’re looking for more advanced features, the paid plan starts at $97/year for one site and includes exit intent and user behavior targeting, top 5 message/campaign stats, and more.

2. MailPoet 3


MailPoet is one of WordPress’s most widely-used email marketing plugins, enabling you to store subscriber information and send emails directly from your WordPress dashboard. With MailPoet, creating a simple subscription form that visitors can use to sign up for your email list is easy, and you can send a warm welcome message to new subscribers, engaging them and making a lasting impression to keep them coming back.

The plugin also has a feature that lets you automatically send your latest post to your email list, saving you time and effort. Additionally, if you send weekly announcements to your subscribers, MailPoet’s email templates enable you to create a professional-looking newsletter that conveys your message effectively without worrying about the design.

MailPoet’s free version is capable of storing 1,000 subscribers and sending an unlimited number of emails using its stunning templates. However, if your email list exceeds 1,000 subscribers, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan starting at 13€/mo for 1,001-1,250 subscribers to improve your email marketing strategy.

3. Mailster


If you’re running an e-commerce site using WordPress, not just any WordPress plugin for newsletter campaigns will suffice. You need a plugin that allows you to send trigger-based emails based on user activity, enabling you to automate the process of generating conversions and sales.

Enter Mailster, the ideal email marketing tool for your WordPress online store.

With Mailster, you can set up the plugin to automatically send customers emails when they purchase, provide feedback about your product, or on their birthdays. Additionally, you can track the progress of your campaigns based on recipient responses. The campaign insights will show you how many people opened the email, clicked on its link, unsubscribed after receiving it, and more.

To ensure that your email marketing efforts are effective, you must design eye-catching emails that grab people’s attention. Fortunately, Mailster offers over 80 stunning templates for you to choose from. Select a template that fits your brand and customize it to your liking.

4. Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter Plugin

The Newsletter Plugin is a versatile email marketing plugin for WordPress that caters to bloggers and agencies alike. Its free version packs a punch with its visual composer, which allows you to design newsletters to your liking and send them in unlimited quantities. The plugin also offers insights into email analytics, such as how many recipients opened the email and clicked on its link.

To unlock the plugin’s full potential, consider upgrading to one of its paid plans, starting at $92/year for the Blogger Plan ($174/year for Agency). With the premium features, you can create simple opt-in forms to expand your subscriber list and send marketing automation drip email marketing campaigns to your subscribers. This is especially useful if you’re launching an email course and looking to guide your subscribers down your sales funnel.

5. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO Easymail best email marketing wordpress plugin

Many features of the plugins mentioned in this piece divert your attention from the fact that email should not be difficult to use. The objective is to reach subscribers in the simplest feasible way.

The ALO EasyMail Newsletter performs precisely what its name implies. You can write your newsletters in HTML or text format using a free plugin before delivering them to the recipients on your list.

With the help of the built-in registration form widget, which can be added to any page of your website, you can also gather and manage the subscribers to your list.

Moreover, the plugin provides a bounce management function. It enables you to keep track of the number of emails you sent that were returned due to an erroneous email address.

6. SendPress

Sendpress best email marketing wordpress plugin

In the highly competitive landscape of email marketing, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, the plugin you use to implement your email marketing strategy can be a game-changer. SendPress is a plugin that aims to give you a better chance of making an impression with your subscribers.

The free version of this subscription WordPress plugin offers everything you could ask for, including the ability to send emails using its beautiful templates. You can track the emails you send to see if they are performing as expected and use the data to improve your next batch of newsletters.

What sets SendPress apart is its emphasis on security and deliverability, which is available only on its premium version, starting at $39 per year. The Spam Assassin feature grades the email you’re using so you can see the likelihood of your email going straight to the spam folder. The Pro Autocron and WP Email Delivery ensure that your subscribers receive your emails quickly and securely. SendPress makes email marketing with WordPress more accessible and convenient, providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

7. Hubspot

best email marketing wordpress plugin

Hubspot is the ultimate solution for all things marketing-related. With its powerful platform, you can effortlessly engage visitors through live chat and sign-up forms, manage your clients and customers, and send emails to them.

But, with the Hubspot plugin for WordPress, you can take your productivity and conversions to the next level. You no longer need to log in to your Hubspot account to create forms and send newsletters, as you can access these features straight from your WordPress dashboard.

In terms of forms, you can integrate with form builder plugins to help you collect even more subscribers. Once you have subscribers pouring in, you can segment them into lists and monitor their website activity. This profiling will help you send targeted emails that your subscribers actually want to read.

When it comes to email marketing, Hubspot offers over 20 editable newsletter templates for you to choose from. Plus, you can even set up automatic emails that will be sent to those who filled out a form or chatted with you via live chat. With Hubspot, you can take your email marketing to the next level with ease.

8. OptinMonster

OptinMonster best email marketing wordpress plugin

OptinMonster is widely recognized as one of the best email list-building plugins available. With this tool, you can create optimized forms that effectively grow your subscribers and increase your conversions. While originally designed exclusively as a WordPress plugin, OptinMonster has since expanded to accommodate users on other website platforms.

One of OptinMonster’s most notable features is its introduction of exit intent forms, which pop up on the screen when the mouse cursor leaves the window. Additionally, its powerful behavior automation allows site owners to display the right form at the right time to the right people, significantly increasing sign-up success rates.

It’s important to note that while OptinMonster is a list-building plugin, a separate newsletter tool is needed to send out emails.

Pricing for OptinMonster starts at $14 per month, billed annually, for a single site with up to 3.5k page views.

9. Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick best email marketing wordpress plugin

Ninja Kick sets itself apart from the other email marketing plugins discussed in this article as it primarily functions as a contact form plugin with MailChimp integration. While the other plugins may use attention-grabbing methods, the beauty of Ninja Kick is its non-intrusive approach. Visitors will not be startled by poorly timed pop-ups or forms that appear unexpectedly.

Ninja Kick provides the option to hide the contact form on the page, and visitors can only access it by clicking on a floating button to fill out their information. The plugin offers three themes for customizing the appearance of the form, and there’s also a social bar for users looking to increase post shares.

Users can purchase the Ninja Kick plugin for a one-time fee of $19, which includes six months of support.

10. MailChimp

Mailchimp best email marketing wordpress plugin

MailChimp is one of the best and most popular email marketing platforms available on the market today. It’s an excellent choice for many reasons, including its ability to build emails and create newsletters for free. Additionally, it allows you to create landing pages and email campaigns specifically for e-commerce websites.

Previously, there was an issue with accessing MailChimp outside of WordPress. However, thanks to a new plugin, you can now consolidate all of your information on your website and MailChimp account in one place!

With this plugin, you can build subscription forms directly on your WordPress site by adding the MailChimp block to your content. Subscribers will go straight to your MailChimp list, allowing you to send your email campaigns from there.

This plugin also integrates with other popular WordPress plugins, including Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, MemberPress, and more. This allows you to collect user information even if they don’t fill out your sign-up forms.

The MailChimp for WordPress plugin is a premium option, with plans starting at $59 per year for a single site. However, its integration with WordPress makes it a valuable investment for businesses looking to streamline their email marketing efforts.

11. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads best email marketing wordpress plugin

Thrive Leads is a powerful plugin for building email lists and optimizing conversions on your WordPress website. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, creating various types of opt-in forms is a breeze. The plugin also includes pre-designed templates, allowing you to quickly create beautiful and professional-looking opt-in forms.

Thrive Leads offers a variety of form-trigger configurations, such as exit intent, on scroll, and page load. Its advanced targeting system enables you to display opt-ins based on the category, page, and other content that your visitors are viewing. This ensures that your opt-ins are highly relevant and more likely to convert.

Additionally, Thrive Leads features an A/B testing engine, which allows you to preview your signup form’s design and written content, ensuring a better user experience and optimal conversion rates.

To install Thrive Leads, you must first subscribe to Thrive Suite for $19/month. This not only gives you access to Thrive Leads but also to other powerful tools like Thrive Optimize and Thrive Quiz Builder. With Thrive Suite, you have everything you need to optimize your website for conversions and build a strong email list.

12. FluentCRM

FluentCRM best email marketing wordpress plugin

When it comes to growing a business, there are two essential tools that you’ll need: a CRM and email automation. FluentCRM is a self-hosted plugin that can assist with both. With FluentCRM, you can easily manage your extensive database and send automated emails.

FluentCRM offers a plethora of features that any email marketer would appreciate. You can segment large databases and send personalized emails based on a subscriber’s actions, behavior, interactions, and purchase history. On top of that, you can create an automation funnel and set up email sequences that will be sent automatically based on a buyer’s journey.

Now, before you get overwhelmed by the thought of having to pay an exorbitant price for this plugin, it’s free. Furthermore, the paid plans start at just $129 per year. You can seamlessly integrate FluentCRM with popular plugins such as Learndash, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, MemberPress, LifterLMS, and more.

Lastly, FluentCRM provides detailed reports and insights on your email marketing campaigns and funnels, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer at a large corporation, FluentCRM is an excellent choice for managing your email marketing and CRM needs.

Final Thoughts on the Best Plugin for 2023

best email marketing plugin

After reviewing the top 12 email marketing WordPress plugins for 2023, it’s clear that businesses have a range of options to choose from. Ultimately, the best plugin for your business will depend on your unique needs and goals. It’s important to carefully consider the criteria we’ve outlined, such as user-friendliness, email marketing features, integration with WordPress, customization options, and pricing, to make an informed decision.

Now that we’ve explored the various email marketing plugins available for WordPress, it’s time to choose the one that best fits your needs.

If you want to manage your email marketing campaigns directly in WordPress, MailPoet, and SendPress are both excellent choices. They offer all the features you need to create and send successful email campaigns.

If you’re already using an email marketing platform, it may be best to use its native plugin instead, such as Sendinblue or Hubspot. This will allow you to manage your contacts within your existing dashboard.

On the other hand, if your primary focus is growing your email list, then Icegram, OptinMonster, and Sumo are great options to consider.

The suggestions above are intended to provide a starting point for you to test out different tools. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the best WordPress email marketing plugin for your business from the plugins discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is email marketing, and why is it important?

A: Email marketing is the practice of sending commercial or promotional messages to a group of people via email. It’s important because it’s a cost-effective way to reach your audience, generate leads, and increase sales.

Q: Do I need a WordPress site to use an email marketing plugin?

A: Yes, most email marketing plugins are designed specifically for use with WordPress. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress site to install and use these plugins.

Q: What if I don’t have a large email list?

A: Even if you don’t have a large email list, email marketing can still be an effective way to reach your audience and increase sales. Some email marketing plugins offer features to help you grow your email list, such as pop-ups, slide-ins, and other opt-in forms.

Q: How do I measure the success of my email marketing campaigns?

A: Most email marketing plugins offer email analytics and reporting features that can help you measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. You can track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Q: Can I integrate an email marketing plugin with other marketing tools?

A: Yes, many email marketing plugins offer integrations with other marketing tools, such as social media platforms, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms. This can help you create a cohesive marketing strategy and streamline your marketing efforts.

Q: How much does an email marketing plugin cost?

A: The cost of an email marketing plugin can vary depending on the plugin and the level of features you need. Some plugins offer free plans, while others may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and the features you need when choosing a plugin.


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