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Bill Gates’ New York City Apartment on the Market

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp and a renowned philanthropist, still remains in the list of the world’s top ten richest people. Although Gates had previously announced his intention to eventually withdraw from the list, he appears to be losing significant amounts of money without any apparent concern.

Gates Puts His NYC Apartment on the Market

Recently, Gates put his New York City apartment on the market for $4.75 million. He had initially purchased it for his daughter, Jennifer Gates, for $5 million in cash.

According to the StreetEasy listing, the apartment has been available for sale for 106 days and is situated at 1212 Fifth Ave., offering a scenic view of the renowned Central Park.

Jennifer Gates and Her Husband’s New Penthouse

Jenn  Gates New york city apartment

Jennifer and her husband Nayel Nassar, a professional equestrian, are currently residing in a luxurious Tribeca triplex penthouse worth $51 million, featuring a personal plunge pool. The penthouse boasts of six bedrooms, six bathrooms, two powder rooms, 20-foot-high ceilings, several terraces, and two parking spots.

According to reports, the Seattle-based trust associated with Gates, which acquired the Fifth Ave. apartment, is the identical trust that procured the Tribeca penthouse for $49.5 million in November 2021.

How to Invest in Real Estate with Little Money

Although Gates appears to be comfortable spending millions on real estate, investing in this market isn’t solely limited to billionaires. With the advent of new companies, even individual investors can participate by investing as little as $100 (or more, based on their interest). By purchasing shares of rental properties, one can earn passive income and accumulate long-term wealth.

Investing in real estate is an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio, generate a stable income, and reap the benefits of long-term appreciation. Therefore, why not take a chance and try it out?


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